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AptAI is a cloud-based software suite that helps AI enthusiasts create their envisioned AI solutions significantly easier and faster.

AptAI APIs (Private Beta)

Easily create API endpoints for fine-tuning LLMs and Stable Diffusion XL. AptAI APIs platform provides you with API endpoints as well as private on-demand compute servers that are ready to be used.

Documentations and Tutorials:

AptAI API Admin: Here you can find information about how to create a new project and run its corresponding private on-demand compute server.

LLMs Endpoint: An OpenAI client compatible API endpoint. You can easily replace your OpenAI endpoint with your private on-demand compute server by changing two lines of code. Currently supported models include Mistral and Llama 2 but many more are coming soon.

Stable Diffusion XL Endpoint: An easy-to-use API endpoint for fine-tuning and serving Stable Diffusion XL models.

Coming Soon:

AptAI Design & Development Studio

Easily design and develop your cutting-edge AI-based solutions. AptAI Design & Development Studio is an easy-to-use AI studio with various features for rapid integration of cutting-edge AI algorithms into a wide range of applications.